NameDescriptionOwnerLast commit
sfmsimple file manager afify2022-07-15 09:16
shellcodecollection of shellcodes afify2022-03-23 20:12
azanprayers time calculator written in nasm x86-64 afify2022-01-02 20:50
nasmfmsfm rewrite afify2022-07-17 05:49
dwmmy dwm build afify2022-11-19 18:25
splannersimple week planner afify2022-04-21 17:58
cazanazan with c afify2022-05-07 04:50
stmy st build afify2022-09-15 19:29
dmenumy dmenu build afify2022-07-11 19:33
slstatusmy slstatus build afify2022-11-19 18:36
surfmy surf build afify2022-07-16 14:02
sentmy sent build afify2022-09-15 09:35